Rainfresh Odor Eliminator Rids Body Waste Odors

Eliminate airborne bodily waste odors and leave a fresh clean scent.

nurse checking on a patient in a hospital bed with rainfresh odor elimator spray

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator Clears the Air for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are guaranteed to experience unpleasant odors when working with patients in hospitals or other rehab facilities. It comes with the job. These strong and often offensive smells can be caused by patients having accidents in bed, emesis, antibiotic affected eliminations, GI bleeds, and so on. Think Medical had an idea to address this odor problem in creating Rainfresh Odor Eliminator.

“We were excited to bring Rainfresh Odor Eliminator to the hospital market,” said Hack Sells, Co-Founder of Think Medical. “It smells really nice and fresh and was designed to stop the odor in minutes.”

The hospital grade product eliminates pungent smells and then dissipates, leaving the user with an odor-free room. It deodorizes the surrounding area as opposed to simply overpowering or merely masking odors. Rainfresh Odor Eliminator is concentrated and used by hospitals, care facilities, and can also be for home use. No matter the odor, just one pump of the spray usually takes it away without any overpowering heavy scent like many other sprays have. It only takes a small amount and smells great.

“To give Rainfresh a try, spray it once into the air and count to four seconds, that gives it a chance to spread out and eliminate the odor. Then you’re left with a cleaner smelling room,” he said. “It cuts nurses a path, through the odor, to get to the patient and makes for a much more pleasant environment to work in.”

As one healthcare worker remarked: “It’s a great smelling product that does a very effective job of neutralizing foul odors—and there are many such odors in healthcare!” Hack told a story of a woman with a pancreatic disease from New York State, who came down to Virginia to visit her grandfather’s home. “She found a bottle of Rainfresh in her grandfather’s house, which she supposed was many years old as he had passed 15 years ago,” he said. “With pancreatic disease, the odor from a bowel movement is unusually unpleasant so she decided to try the product and to see if it still worked…and it did!” After Rainfresh eliminated the strong odor, the same woman then bought an entire case to share.

“It turns out that many people with Pancreatic disease won’t go out in public out of fear they may need a restroom and might be embarrassed by the smell,” he added. “She has told her friends about it and they are excited there’s a product out there that works fast, and effectively gets rid of the odor.”

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator comes in one-ounce, two-ounce, or eight-ounce bottles. It’s a unique formula that does what it promises. “We have had so many great reviews from this product and it has helped many people solve their embarrassing odor issues,” said Hack. “Our customers like the fragrance as much as the effectiveness.”

“Rainfresh eliminates odors instead of just covering them up,” said a long-time Rainfresh user. “I have tried many order eliminators and Rainfresh is by far superb to any other one on the market!”

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator is a concentrated formula that helps keep odors under control, thus making indoor spaces more pleasant for everyone within the space. At Think Medical, we not only care about the special needs of our customers, we also care about making the lives of their patients better. We offer unique, USA-made products for: off-loading to help prevent HAPUs; special positioning needs; odor control; and painless adhesive removal.

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