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nurse checking on a patient in a hospital bed with rainfresh odor elimator spray

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator Rids Body Waste Odors

Healthcare workers are guaranteed to experience unpleasant odors when working with patients in hospitals or other rehab facilities. It comes with the job. Think Medical had an idea to address this odor problem in creating Rainfresh Odor Eliminator.

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nurse with a pen and chart talking to a patient in a hospital bed

Scrotum Support System Solves Pain Issues

What started out as a custom order for a urology nurse, became a time-tested Think Medical product that’s still used and greatly appreciated today. The beginning of the story really starts with a man who was in a major motorcycle accident and was in the ICU of the same large hospital where Hack Sells was having a meeting regarding other medical products.

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nurse lifting a bandaged foot to prevent bed sores

Creating Custom Medical Products, Exceeding Expectations

Pressure injuries, also referred to as bedsores or decubitus ulcers, are extremely painful, difficult to heal, and expensive to treat. As heels are one of the primary pressure injury sites on the body, it’s important to prevent the occurrence of pressure on the heels in the first place.

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