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Specialty Positioners, Off-Loading Foot Floaters & Wedges, Odor Elimination, & Adhesive Removal

Specialty Positioners

Perineal wedges, folding knee & ankle pads, PLR pillows, seizure pads, & comfort cushions.

Off-Loading Foot Floaters

Available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. See FAQ section for more details.

Off-Loading Wedges

Wedges to off-load your patients & help prevent HAPUs.

Odor Eliminator

Fresh Clean Scent. For Airborne Odors Only.

Ostomy & Wound Odor Control

Enzymatic Rain scented skin and stoma cleanser.

Adhesive Removers


For more details, please see FAQ.  If you wish to discuss purchasing this product (or any other products on our site), please contact us at 919-782-2485 or fill out the form on our contact us page.

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