Great News for Customers

Great News for New and Existing Customers

A new website and a new hire at Think Medical

Here at Think Medical, we have some good news and some GREAT news! We always want to communicate information that matters to you.

The Good News: Quicker Shipment

The good news is that we can now get our foam off-loading positioners to you quicker than ever before! We’ve created a new website and have a dedicated team working on packaging and shipping, which means you will receive your products faster! 

The GREAT News: A New Hire!

The GREAT news is that we are proud to announce that Sherry Thrasher has joined us as our new Marketing Director. She will oversee all aspects of marketing Think Medical’s products and services, including print and digital advertising, design elements, and customer updates. From now on, she will contact you with new products and pertinent information on current ones. 

COVID-19 Brought New Challenges

Similar to other businesses, Covid brought new challenges we had to navigate. Supply chain disruption, delayed mail delivery, and lack of personal touches, to name a few. We pointed in a new direction in the presentation of our products through our new website.

A New Way of Doing Business – Still Personal

From now on, we will be working through zoom, emails, and the occasional personal visits. We want to ensure there’s still a personal touch along the way. 

Please look at our new interactive website as we have made some major improvements! All of our products with details and ways to buy them are listed. Take a look: [link to each]

Thank you for your commitment to Think Medical! We look forward to serving you.

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