Scrotum Support System Solves Pain Issues

Think Medical’s custom Teste Reste product helps both patients and nurses.

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Solve Patient Pain Issues With The Teste Reste

What started out as a custom order for an urology nurse, became a time-tested Think Medical product that’s still used and greatly appreciated today. The beginning of the story really starts with a man who was in a major motorcycle accident and was in the ICU of the same large hospital where Hack Sells was having a meeting regarding other medical products. Hack was demonstrating wedges and Foot Floaters and then he presented Think Medical’s useful Arm Elevator, which was a support product used to elevate a patient’s arm so the fluid doesn’t build up.

“One of the nurses in the meeting looked at me and said: ‘Can you make that Arm Elevator product smaller?’” Hack explained. “I thought she was thinking of using it for children possibly, but it actually turned out she wanted it for an entirely different reason.”

The woman turned out to be a urology nurse and proceeded to ask Hack if he ‘lived in the real world.’ He had no idea what she meant or what he was about to hear or see.

“It was a surprising question because we had been part of a discussion about off loading to help prevent pressure injuries for bed-bound hospital patients,” Hack added. “I told her she could show me anything as I had been in the wound-healing field for decades.”

The nurse motioned Hack to follow her and off they went to the ICU. She took Hack to a man who had just been in a major motorcycle accident and was clearly extremely miserable.

“He had road rash, blood in his eyes and appeared to be suffering,” said Hack. “The nurse told him that I made things to help injured people and asked if she could show me his problem.”

The patient agreed and when the nurse pulled back the covers, Hack saw that the patient’s scrotum was roughly the size of a large cantaloupe.

“All of his swelling had gone down and settled there,” exclaimed Hack. “Thankfully, my experience in burn units had taught me how to keep my face passive at the sight of any injury, which I managed to accomplish on that day as well, but I wish the nurse had warned me a little.”

The Teste Reste Makes Patients Happier & Saves Nurses Time

A scrotum that large can tear the delicate surrounding skin, opening up an area for infection.

“Plus, it hurts and is very uncomfortable,” Hack added. “I saw the real need for a solution to this tricky support issue.”

Hack got to work and made several prototypes and finally came up with an arch that supports in all directions. The Teste Reste is made of foam and the cells in the foam will absorb moisture and other things. If a patient has an issue with incontinence and the foam gets soiled, it needs to be discarded. So, the Teste Reste comes covered in a moisture vapor permeable plastic bag which helps with patient comfort and protects the Teste Reste from urine and fecal matter.

“We suggest that a smooth washcloth or similar material be placed between the scrotum and the Teste Reste,” said Hack. “Nurses usually put a washcloth or folded pillow-case over it just to have something between the scrotum and the cover.”

Before the Teste Reste was created, nurses had to stack washcloths or wrap a towel in a certain way to support a swollen scrotum.

“The washcloths and towels weren’t that effective because they wouldn’t stay in place very long,” Hack explained. “But the Teste Reste saves the nurses a ton of time while helping the patient be more comfortable. It just works.”

A Win-Win for the Nurses and the Patient

“Nurses all over have thanked us for this product multiple times,” Hack said. “They really appreciated that this product made their lives easier and their patients happier. It’s really a win-win for the nurses and the patient!”

The Teste Reste can support an extremely large scrotum, up to a cantaloupe size like the patient in the motorcycle accident. For anything larger, two Teste Restes can be used side by side. The support is placed lengthwise, curve up with one end at the perineum, the scrotum on top of the curve, and the other end pointing towards the bottom of the bed. Think Medical products help with injuries caused by pressure, and especially ones that can lead to further skin damage and infection. The best thing to do is prevent the occurrence of pressure on the scrotum, or any other spot that is being compromised.

“We don’t sell thousands of Teste Restes every year, but we know that the ones we do sell are out there helping someone,” added Hack. “We are the biggest bang for the buck—for everything that we do.”

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