Creating Custom Medical Products, Exceeding Expectations

How a nurse’s request inspired Think Medical’s popular Super Foot Floater.

nurse lifting a bandaged foot to prevent bed sores

Our Custom Medical Products Will Help You Help Your Patients

Pressure injuries, also referred to as bedsores or decubitus ulcers, are extremely painful, difficult to heal, and expensive to treat. As heels are one of the primary pressure injury sites on the body, it’s important to prevent the occurrence of pressure on the heels in the first place. The Director of Nursing at an award-winning nursing home in Columbia, South Carolina was searching to find the right heel floating devices for her patients to help them avoid putting pressure on their heels. After testing out several products on the market at that time, she still wasn’t satisfied. That’s when Think Medical co-founder and designer Hack Sells sprang into action.

“We really listen to our customers and hear what they want,” said Hack Sells. “If we don’t have a product that exactly matches their needs, we can work to design something that does.”

The Director of Nursing, in a meeting with the Director of Central Supply and Hack, proceeded to describe her ideal heel floating device. It would need to have a gradual angled incline that would allow heels to be supported just off the edge of the product, while also supporting the calf. The ideal product would also have to be re-usable and she wanted them to last for years, which would also save the facility money. After doing some drawings together, Hack had a good idea of the design that was needed to accomplish all her objectives.

“You have exceeded my expectations.”

Three weeks later, the Director of Nursing had a prototype in her hands. And it did exactly what she wanted.

“Her first comment to me was ‘You have exceeded my expectations,’” said Hack. “This was the first time where the customer sat down and drew out the design with me, and it wasn’t the last.”

Think Medical deals with injuries caused by pressure, and heels are especially in danger because there’s so little tissue between the bone and the skin. The best thing to do is PREVENT the occurrence of pressure on the heels, or any other spot that is being compromised.

“If a patient is at risk, the best thing to do is to position the heels so that they touch nothing but air,” added Hack. “That is what we do.”

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